For Patients

Getting Started

First and foremost, we believe that people should have their own healthy teeth for an entire lifetime. To support that belief, we subscribe to a program of preventive dental care. It is also our belief that the prevention of disease is far more enjoyable, less costly and more comfortable for all concerned. So our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a healthy mouth as quickly and as economically as possible.

Upon arrival we will need to obtain some basic information about you and your health. This information can also be provided online by going to the Patient Login area. You will need to call or email us to receive your secure user information. Using the website will reduce your waiting time and allow us to prepare ahead for your visit.

Your visit in our office will begin with a consultation and examination. Most patients will require diagnostic radiographs to be taken as part of their comprehensive examination. During the consultation appointment the findings will be reviewed and explained. Risks, benefits, and treatment options will be discussed.


Please bring a complete list of all the medications that you are taking and a list of all of your medical conditions and allergies. If you use inhalers (for asthma), nitroglycerin (for heart), sugar tablets (for diabetics), or other medical devices or medications, please bring them with you.

Insurance Information

If you have dental insurance, please bring all your dental insurance information with you.

High Anxiety

Oral sedation and nitrous oxide are available for patients with high anxiety.

X-Rays (Radiographs)

We understand the desire to reduce exposure to radiation and strive to only take x-rays that are necessary for proper diagnosis and treatment. A digital radiographic system uses significantly less radiation than traditional film-based x-rays. X-rays from other offices cannot be used in lieu of a new diagnostic x-ray. X-rays at different angles are necessary for proper diagnosis and treatment. X-rays from other offices usually do not provide all the information that we need.

Referral Slip

Please bring your referral slip from your dentist with you to your appointment.