Our office is equipped with the latest technology including surgical operating microscopes, digital radiography, 3D CBCT, modern endodontic equipments, and state of the art dental practice management software.

SOM provides high magnification and illumination of the operation field and aids us in locating occult canals, calcified canals, and cracks. It enhances the overall success of the treatment.

Digital radiographs expose significantly less radiation to patients, about 80-90% less radiation than conventional x-rays.

CBCT demonstrates anatomic features in three dimensions that intraoral and panoramic images cannot. It provides the clinician with an unparalleled visualization of the often complex relationships and boundaries between teeth and their associated pathology and anatomic features.

The Digital Office practice management software for Endodontists is universally acknowledged to be the gold standard in clinical documentation.

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Electronic Apex Locators, Titanium rotary instrumentation systems, Ultrasonic instrumentation equipment to name a few that enhance the successful treatment outcome. Water lines are treated with Sterilox and instruments are disinfected in a Miele, a dental thermal disinfector before sterilizing in state of the art autoclaves.